I began this blog to share resources for making, saving, and managing money. I’ve always been a go-to person for friends and family when it relates to money matters. My goal is to help others gain control of their finances and leverage their income. It’s all about empowering people.

I received my Bachelor of Business Administration with a major in Finance from Grand Valley State University and, over the years, have learned quite a bit about money management.

My first job after college was as a mortgage loan officer, where I discovered how your credit score can greatly impact your lifestyle. I helped many clients get needed funds to buy new homes. I also refinanced loans and helped them secure home equity lines of credit. I have also worked in banking as a personal banker, where I assisted my clients with opening checking, savings, money market, and certificate of deposit (CD) accounts.

I have also worked with small business owners, such as tax preparers and accountants in the tax and accounting industries. More recently, I’ve worked as a financial analyst.

Digging your way out of debt is not easy; trust me, I know. Neither is making your paycheck stretch to the end of the month in a household with one income. Again, I know. I learned that budgeting does not have to be hard. However, it does require being aware of how much money I have coming in and going out.

 I share my tips and strategies for navigating through the jungle called personal finance and finding your way to a clearing.

About My Hobbies

I enjoy traveling and especially love going to the beach! I’m on a quest to find the best beaches in the U.S., but my favorite beach town so far is Myrtle Beach, SC. I also enjoy reading and learning new things.

In 2012 started mystery shopping to make extra money in my spare time and have grown to enjoy it. My favorite part about mystery shopping is being able to help companies improve their products and services. Having performed hundreds of mystery shops over the last 11 years, I feel that my experiences and feedback help shape the way companies do business. This includes many Fortune 500 companies that I have mystery shopped.

Another awesome part about mystery shopping is all of the free stuff I’ve gotten just for giving my feedback! Over the years, I have enjoyed everything from free movies and amusement parks to free food and hotel stays. Plus, dozens of free services.

And, of course, my favorite hobby is saving money. I consider myself frugal, which is not a bad thing. Hopefully, I can show as many people ways to save money as I possibly can.